Future Governance Agency

Disruption already defines the 21st century. More is likely to come. The current model of the nation-state and the paradigm of economic growth contingent on fossil fuels and waged labour are both in for some serious upgrades.

Changes to present systems of power and governance are long overdue, and ideas exist on what we could do better. The field of civic tech is rapidly developing, where digital technologies and the new forms of engagement they make possible are used to reimagine governance structures. Simultaneously, older ideas are re-emerging, as circumstances change and the time to put them in practice is now more ripe than ever.

Pairing ideas with people and groups that can bring them to fruition does not happen by itself. This is why the Future Governance Agency (FGA) has been created. FGA acts as a communication channel between ideas and the people, networks and institutions sufficiently empowered to implement them.

We do this by providing learning experiences across a range of mediums, from classic reports, books, talks and workshops, to art and augmented reality. An issue as complex as governance innovation calls for such diversity. Imagining a world that operates on a different model from the one we know is an extremely demanding cognitive task. As such we draw on every means of storytelling to enable foresight.

We offer educational experiences tailored for government professionals, industry leaders, and the informed public. Our target group is broad for a reason: the changes ahead require scale. And so, the more individuals get on the same page – with a shared understanding of the world and its impending shifts – the better equipped we are to smoothly turn that page together.

The FGA officially opens its doors on September 19, 2019. To be invited when this happens, leave your email below.